Arise & Shine Ministries Part 2

Never get tired of giving (by William Manyika)

Giving is something you are born with.  If I cannot share the one rand that I have, I might as well never share the one million rand that I will have in my bank account.

But we can make things change in this very life; it can be today, tomorrow or after tomorrow.  We can teach the whole world why it is important to share the very little that we have.

People go to bed on an empty stomach, they have nothing to cover themselves with in cold times, yes, people struggle in many different ways .

As Arise & Shine church, we will always maintain our stand in helping people that are in dire need. On average our congregation get R3000 per month (only those that are working).  We learned to give not that we have more but we know how it feels like to have nothing.  God gave his only begotten son, this is also a big lesson to us. Just because we have little, this does not stop us from going on with helping others.

Just because we also have little and we need more, we try to close our eyes when giving but our hearts are wide open.  We are always happy to give.

Our small church that is based in Hout Bay, Cape Town has just done something amazing again. This time around not just here in South Africa but across the borders “in the warm heart of Africa”, Malawi to be precise.

We arranged to buy 10 x 50kgs bags of maize (Malawi’s staple food) and a 50kg bag of beans.  These were shared to 22 family members in Mbulumbudzi on the outskirt of Zomba, 100km from Blantyre by Mr. Peter Massina who was assigned to do this job.

They were the happiest people on that day the 4th July 2015.  Their dreams coming to reality when they least expected.

We wished Mr Craig Featherby who helped us with some money would be there to witness the ululating and smiling faces of the 22 family members, who had never expected anything from anyone.  It was like manna from heaven.

Malawi being one of the landlocked countries in Africa depends on farming only.  If the rains are good in the year it means more food and vice versa.   There is no hope for people who are not working when the rains are bad.

The only survival is through God’s miracles to his children through good Samaritans.

Let those who have ears hear this, some people in the world are surviving because of the little things we are giving them.  Let us not get tired of giving, this must be a task for all of us who have something, you don’t know how many lives are being saved because of you / us.

May God continue blessing us all who are trying our level best to save the world from hunger and poverty.


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