The Baby Home in Durban – Caring for babies in care

signature of hope trust durban

The Durban office of Carrick Wealth decided to apportion its third-quarter Signature of Hope funds, to much-needed practical supplies for the six babies taken into loving care by The Baby Home in Glen Anil, run by crisis parents Joanne and Bjorn Teunissen.

The official umbrella NPO of five key projects, one of which is The Baby Home, is The Peace Agency – founded in 2009 by Justin and Cathy Foxton. Initially called The Baby House, established in the private home of the Foxtons, The Baby Home – now renamed, moved to larger premises in La Lucia. The Home takes care of babies up to two years of age, providing a contact point for both welfare agencies and police services so that abandoned, neglected or abused babies can be homed prior to adoption or being reunited with their families.

Official South African statistics suggest that approximately 3500 babies under the age of two are abandoned or are in crisis each year, but welfare agencies maintain that the figure is much higher than that.

What The Baby Home offers is one-on-one loving care and nurture for these babies by a team of dedicated, passionate staff, and each baby has its own care plan, such as the use of specific formulas for the hypoallergenic needs of some babies, and daily nebulisation for babies with damaged lungs as a result of premature birth.

The Carrick Durban team took direction from The Baby Home and spent R8,400 on items such as nappies, wet wipes, formula, cereals, baby washes, Purity and bin bags. Liane Chetty and Rochelle Collins spent time with the babies when they dropped off the goods, and Tania Smith did the shopping at Game and at Makro.

This donation will go a small way towards meeting the needs of the Home for the babies in their care.

Carrick Head Office thanks all those in the Durban team for their kind donation and spreading love, generosity and care to abandoned babies in need and assisting the carers and crisis parents for their valued welfare work.

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