Breadline Africa Beach Outing 2014

One only has to read Breadline Africa’s website to get a strong reflection of the amazing work they do…”Millions of people in Africa live below the poverty line. With poverty comes the knock-on effect of unemployment, hunger, disease, homelessness, violence and despair. With the right support however, Africa’s problems can be alleviated. There are many specialised community charity projects that are run at ground-level, trying to make a difference. These charity projects try to establish a level of self-sustainability within the community, thus weaning the community off of the need for welfare.

One of Breadline Africa’s most successful enterprises has been its provision of renovated shipping containers for various uses. Since 1993, Breadline Africa has provided over 240 containers to poverty-stricken communities across South Africa.”

What an amazing opportunity for Signature of Hope Trust to engage in a Charity Day with Breadline Africa.

On Friday, 5th December 2014 the Signature of Hope Trust partnered with Breadline Africa for their annual Seaside Outing 2014, where children from various rural areas in the Western Cape enjoy a fun-filled day out at the beach. The day started with great excitement and it was a tremendous effort on the part of Carrick staff where over 30 volunteers turned out to assist SOH with the “Beach Outing”. The buses arrived at Silwerstroomstrand with 120 energetic children from Touws River, De Doorns and Worcester for their day trip to the beach. With the contribution from SOH every child was delighted to receive a special branded T-shirt, a bus trip (for many, their first ever!), a morning snack, a delicious lunch, plus a lovely gift pack and yummy cupcake to take home. The delight of seeing these little beaming faces makes one realise why doing Charity work leaves one with such a feel good chill. Four carefully planned activities for the children to enjoy were scheduled; the jumping castle arena, the face painting station, building sand castles on the beach and frolicking in the chilly Atlantic water. The SOH volunteers put everything into the day and managed each activity to ensure the children had a memorable day. I think it would be fair to say the volunteers had a memorable day too. The face painting was a massive hit with the little ones, with Batman and pink kitty cats being the most popular face paint choices. A serious game of beach cricket took place encouraged by the more competitive volunteers, while some kids preferred to enjoy the freezing Cape waters and splash each other (and the lifeguards) with water which sparked a friendly water battle.

After lunch we played the potato & spoon race during which the 3 districts sang their war cries with passion to encourage their team mates. Then for a massive highlight of the day….none other than Father Christmas (aka David) created an electrifying atmosphere as he danced his way into the hearts of the kids. What a heart-warming moment as each child received their very own personalised gift bag.

The outing was a great success and filled with fun, laughter, discovery and joy – and most precious of all, happy memories. We trust the little ones slept well…we know the Carrick volunteers certainly did. It is after all very hard work ensuring these special little children were protected and loved whilst all they had to do was to play and enjoy. One has to ask, is that not the role of a child? To see pictures of the day please visit Carrick’s or Signature of Hope’s Facebook pages.

“Thank you for the surprise … it was beyond our imagination! These children came from De Doorns, Worcester and Touws River. Many of their parents are seasonal workers and struggle to make ends meet. These children never get to the inner cities and Breadline Africa has made this dream come true for them. The ride on the bus was a gift from heaven as some of them has never been on bus. The feeling of the sand between their toes and the magnitude of the sea is something that these children have never experienced as many of them have never been to the seaside. The waves came across as snow on the sea and for the children it was a sight to behold. The staff of Signature of Hope brought special joy to the day by interacting with the children. The children loved playing the potato game, the jumping castle, the hoola hoops, the ball games on the beach and most of all the face painting. Father Christmas made his appearance and handed little gifts to all the children and then they were on the bus on their way home. With much delight they waved us goodbye until next time. Thank you to all the staff of Signature of Hope for making this such a magnificent event.” Edna Titus – Liaison officer at Breadline Africa

“As a Trustee of SOH and the proud father of two young girls it was such an inspiring day, children playing full out, dancing, singing, loving the beach and the games, graciously accepting food and gifts (most have never experienced the sea and received any presents). We are so proud to be involved in projects like this and the experience was humbling and deeply gratifying. Being part of the this day on the special celebration of Madiba’s life, the quote from the great man is apt to end off” Brett Taylor – Signature of Hope Trustee

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children” Nelson Mandela

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