Craig Featherby speaks at the TrustAfrica 10th Anniversary Conference

Craig Featherby, Signature of Hope Trust’s Chairman, is in Ethiopia, networking with and addressing various NGOs and NPOs on the African continent as the guest of TrustAfrica at their tenth anniversary conference.

The theme of the Addis Ababa conference is “Looking back, Looking Ahead: African Philanthropy for Socio-economic and Political Justice in the 21st Century”.  Signature of Hope will be in the esteemed company of some very well-known organisations operating in the philanthropy space, such as the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, the European Foundation Centre, the Global Fund for Community Foundations, the Southern Africa Trust, the African Woman’s Development Fund, the Kenyan Community Development Fund, to name but a few. These organisations are powerful voices, working towards the upliftment of women and children in Africa.

craig featherby signature of hope trust chairman Craig is honoured to have taken part in a panel discussion today on the theme: ‘Mobilizing Africa’s High-Net-Worth Individuals – The Experience of the African Philanthropy Forum’, chaired by Ms Nana Asantewu Afadzinu, Executive Director of West African Civil Society Institute. His address on the theme of ‘The Private Sector and Philanthropy’ reminded the gathered guests that those who have more should feel impelled to give more, rather than be compelled through legislation.

As co-founder and chairman of the Signature of Hope Trust, Craig’s philanthropic focus is geared toward vulnerable and disadvantaged young children, particularly when it comes to providing education and nutrition to young children.

Announcing the strategic plan of Signature of Hope Trust 20/20 to the assembled group of leaders in the philanthropic space is a prestigious honour, both for Craig and for the Signature of Hope Trust.

Through this strategic plan, Signature of Hope Trust hopes to have raised many millions of Rands from the private sector, corporates and institutions to be invested into an annuity, invested at 10 per cent per annum, that will pay income to three chosen beneficiaries for years to come. It has become more and more apparent that the only way for NPOs to thrive and do their work in the face of increased donor fatigue and hard economic conditions is to adopt a business model to raising funds.

Let us remember that every donation, no matter how small, will help children receive much-needed surgery, or a simple hot meal or the chance to be part of an education programme in a school.

Follow this link for more information and guidance on how to donate and become part of the sustainable philanthropy drive that Carrick is kick-starting.

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