The Pebbles Project’s New Classroom

signature_of_hope_pebbles_projectThe Pebbles Project was born out of a strong desire to change the lives of children and adults affected by foetal alcohol syndrome. Pebbles provides support and education to expecting mothers as well as postnatal care for them and their children.

Working with children and families in the Winelands’ farming communities in the Western Cape, the focus is on the entire life of the child and the challenging circumstances in which they live.

The success of this initiative can be seen in the heart-warming stories which continue to emerge; some of the first children to be supported and educated by the programme are now involved themselves as teachers.

Signature of Hope sponsored a much-needed classroom for early childhood development and donated items such as linen, educational toys, and décor.  The new classroom, costing R70,000, will allow mothers to return to work and once again become economically active.

carrick-cares-signature-of-hope-pebbles-projectOn 29 July, a team of Carrick’tors headed out to the Winelands to decorate the classroom and deliver their personal donations of toys, clothing, and treats for the children. Much fun was had laying carpet, putting up posters and of course playing with the children.

Some of the team gave us their feedback:

Healther Palvie: “Seeing the mothers’ faces when they saw the room validated what we had achieved.”

Simone Player: “The children were so carefree and very humble, queuing for their sweets and only taking one even though they could have the whole bag.”

Natalee Piennar: “It was heartbreaking to see what little they had and very rewarding to know that when we left we had helped them better their lives.”


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