Sustainable Sponsorship

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for life.”

It’s one thing to pay for a meal or an operation for one child, but quite another to provide for it on an ongoing, self-funded basis for the thousands of children who are without access to proper medical care, education or sufficient nutrition.

We recognize that NPOs are under constant pressure to raise funds and that this requires considerable time and effort. Not only do they need to run their operations but they also have to be sure that their funds are being used in a sustainable and responsible way.

The ultimate goal for Signature of Hope Trust and for many other NGOs is to move away from the annual fundraising treadmill and towards sustainable income. By fundraising with a larger and more long-term goal in mind, NGOs can put themselves in a position to be self-supporting as well as sustainable in terms of funding.

The Signature of Hope Trust aims to establish recurring income for our beneficiaries via an annuity fund specifically set up and managed by the Carrick Investment Committee: this will fund our chosen beneficiaries for many years to come. Working in conjunction with the beneficiaries, the investment team at Carrick Wealth will release funds on a regular basis – balancing operational requirements with capital protection.

It is our intention to promote our business model for philanthropy, as well as the business expertise of Carrick Wealth, to garner sufficient funds to provide sustainable sponsorship to the three NPOs in question.

Our three beneficiaries are Operation Smile South Africa, The Lunchbox Fund and a schools project. For each of these NPOs we have a clear and achievable goal for long-lasting support and funding. If we can reach our monetary goal by end 2020, Operation Smile, which provides cleft-lip and -palate operations, will be able to perform these surgeries for at least one child a day, for the next 100+ years.

Likewise, The Lunchbox Fund will be able to offer school lunches to vulnerable children for a generation or more, and the schools project will be able to administer the 8 schools (which Signature of Hope Trust will be building in under-privileged areas) almost indefinitely.

The fundraising initiative, between now and end 2020, will be an ongoing, interactive and exciting journey. From the smaller quiz nights to the grand gala dinners, we’ll be constantly striving to meet such a noble goal – one which will literally change the lives of thousands of children and their families.


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Bank: Standard Bank of South Africa

Account Name: Signature of Hope Trust

Account Number: 27 042 098 3

Branch Name: Milnerton

Branch Code: 02 650 98 2

Swift code: SBZAZAJJ

Babolo opens wide as Funeka takes a look at his lip repair and assesses his cleft palate. Funeka assisted in Babolo receiving a cleft lip surgery in 2014.  Mbizana province, Eastern Cape, South Africa.

(Operation Smile Photo - Zute Lightfoot)
A group of Funeka’s patients agreed to come to Bizana to be assessed as well as talk to Operation Smile about the difference she has made in their lives. All travelled by minibus taxi over dirt roads with one family travelling over four hours in one direction. 

(Operation Smile Photo - Zute Lightfoot)

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