Signature of Hope, Carrick and Green Beings take “teambuilding” to a new level!

Friday the 28th November 2014 dawned bright and sunny – the perfect start to what turned out to be a fantastic day! Signature of Hope Trust, together with the Carrick team from the Johannesburg office came together to give their time at two schools in Cosmo City. Buses arrived at 9:30am with an enthusiastic Carrick team on board and ready to get their hands dirty – the tasks set for the day were to build a compost structure, repaint inside walls, doors and blackboards of two classrooms, touch up and paint stencils in one bathroom, repaint an outside play area in bright colours and paint an outdoor classroom with chalk board paint and environmental murals. No small task!

The day kicked off with a short speech of how Green Beings has been involved in the Cosmo City community for the past five years after which the group was briefed on the day’s objectives and split into various teams. To ensure various projects were effectively executed (and that there was no slacking off), each team had a Green Beings member to facilitate activities. A well earned lunch and a much needed break from the scorching hot African sun was enjoyed, after which the teams went back to successfully finish their projects.

The day ended at 15:30pm with all the projects completed and the team feeling good about what they achieved.

Marloes Dijkema from Green Beings had the following to say, “It’s great to see corporate employees and foundation members getting involved and playing their very important role in creating a community that is active and understands the value of looking after our environment.”

Jon Boyd from the Jo’burg Carrick team said, “It was a great day where the whole office worked together as a team. The initiative was thoroughly enjoyed by all and it really meant a great deal to be physically involved in the change that The Signature of Hope Trust is looking to drive through these types of collaborations. Doing something positive as well as being out of the office environment was a great way to spend a Friday.”

Through Signature of Hope, the Carrick team have a fantastic platform to give back and contribute to their communities. Funds for these initiatives are raised by the offices and teams themselves and then matched by Signature of Hope in order to create a meaningful impact in sustainable projects.

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