The Lucky Lucy Foundation

Our project for November was to assist the team at the Lucky Lucy Foundation as well as their “extended furry family!” Not only were we able to donate R12,000.00 towards the upliftment of two camps on the Farm, we were invited to help build the camps which would allow for more secure enclosures during the wretched weather and shelter for shade. On Saturday the 29th of November the wonderful helpers from Carrick Financial Services along with their families and friends were privileged to assist at the Lucky Lucy Foundation in Malmesbury, Cape Town.

The Lucky Lucy Foundation is a Non-Profit, Pro-life, Pro-Quality of Life organisation that tries to relieve the plight of severely neglected and abused township and street animals. They are also dedicated to the social upliftment and education of impoverished children and adults in and around Cape Town, and have been since inception in 2010. A few months ago the Foundation was forced to source new premises. Faced with this daunting thought and having nowhere to re-house almost 200 dogs and 70 cats which alone would have been a mammoth task, things were not looking very encouraging. The foundation was truly blessed in June 2014 when an anonymous Donor provided them with a very large piece of land just outside Malmesbury. Imagine the relief and exhilaration of knowing that they could continue with their plans and dreams. By August they had already started building shelters. Our task for the day was to build shelters, plant grass & trees and create shade and a comfortable environment in the two baron camps we were allocated and which would be housing some of the resident dogs. It was a scorching hot day in the Cape and being on the sandy, beach type land of Malmesbury didn’t help but that did not stop anyone from mucking in and getting their hands dirty in order to get the job done. The effort was phenomenal, the vibe fantastic and we managed to create two new large, safe and secure homes for the numerous doggies to take comfort in! What is even more fantastic is that the Signature of Hope Trust, donated a further R20,000.00 to assist with other projects and we also managed to home a few dogs and cats amongst the Carrick families!!

We are so privileged to work with such generous people who realise the importance of giving back and making a change to, not only peoples live but the lives of animals too. Job well done to all and a very big THANK YOU to all involved, the Carrick staff, their families and their friends who involved themselves.

A massive THANK YOU to Kerry-Jean, Richard and all of the amazing staff at Lucky Lucy Foundation. The realisation that some of you have full time permanent jobs as well as running Lucky Lucy makes one feel that there is so much more reaching out …that we can all be a part of in this world. You truly are an inspiration and an amazing team of people. We thank you for allowing us to be a part of such a fantastic project.

All the best,

Signature of Hope

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